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1.75mm natural wood filament

1.75mm natural wood filament
1.75mm natural wood filament
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  • Model:hout-1.75-naturel
  • Gross weight:1.30kg
  • Dimensions:25.00cm x 20.00cm x 8.00cm
  • EAN:0756040534905

Wood filament is a relatively new material for 3D printing


Advantages of wood filament:

Wood filament does not need a heated printbed.

Wood filament does not warp.

Wood filament looks, smlls and behaves like wood. It can be sanded and painted and is bio degradable.

Wood filament can be printed with 'year rings' by altering the temperature while printing.


Disadvatages of wood filament:

Wood filament expands a lot when it warms up, therefore it can easily clog up the nozzle.

filament specificaties
Net weight1.0kg
Diameter and tolerance1.75+/-0.05mm.
Recommended printing temperature190-240°C

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